Simple CRM App

This app was an exercise in full-stack development using React and Typescript for the front-end and Supabase for the backend. I also utilized an off-the-shelf component library called Chakra UI for the components, layout, and responsive grid.

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  • UI/UX, React, Typescript, Supabase, Chakra UI

Project Overview:

This app is meant to emulate a simplified Customer Relationship Manager application, where customers are stored and sorted based on their step in the customer acquisition funnel.

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Final Thoughts

Because of my previous experience with MySQL, utilizing Supabase's Postgres methods were intuitive enough for me to quickly frame up the back-end requests required for this app to function. I was also pleasantly surprised at the modularity of Chakra UI and how it's component system was flexible enough to adapt to my needs.

Some further items that would make this application better would be:

  • Notes and dates to capture the full scope of each customer's journey instead of a single, one-dimensional status field.
  • User authentication and storage instead of a singular public view.