Joy To The World

Every Christmas season, New Life Church sets out to raise tens of thousands of dollars for communities in need around the world, providing resources to fund schools, healthcare, churches, missionaries, and to combat slavery, poverty, and malnutrition.

  • Graphic Design, Print

The Problem:

The year that I worked on this project, the fundraising goal was $35,000 (larger than the previous year).

How could we both inspire people to greater action than before AND create a campaign that was fresh and relevant?

Initial Exploration and Naming

After considering the popular Christmas carol Joy To The World, I created this initial artwork. I felt that the theme tied directly to bringing hope to people in need around the world.

Next, A Joyful Headline

After flipping the colors for a white foreground and a burnt orange background, I wrote this headline and tied in an alternative mark, the words 'Joy To The World' wrapped around a globe icon:

Pledge Cards

The pledge card received a considerable amount of my attention as it's vital to ensure that it offers a clear, comprehensible layout. These cards were mailed and distributed in person to potential donors and printed full bleed on a heavier stock, ensuring a firm surface to write on. The weightier stock also conveys a sense of quality and builds trust.

Outer Envelope

Booklet Spreads

We also printed a full bleed booklet on a nice weighted paper stock, saddle-stapled in house. This booklet was also mailed to potential donors. Here are the spreads, starting with the outside cover:

Final Thoughts

Thankfully, through the completion of this giving campaign, we did in fact hit our goal of $35,000 raised for people in need. A win for the world, a win for beautiful design (and a win for my portfolio).