Hello! Nice to meet you, i’m Darren.

I am also known as: Daddy, Dada, Pastor Darren, Pastor D, D.emo, Demo, etc. But you can call me Darren. I’m spoiled with a beautiful wife (for almost 10 years) and two awesome kids. God has always looked out for me and I can’t thank Him enough for giving me true life and a real hope.

I serve as an Associate Pastor at a church in the Bay Area where I first met Jesus as a 15-year old. Since then I have been passionate about helping others discover who God is. This mostly comes in the form of preaching, writing, and shepherding people on their spiritual journey. I’ve learned that only Jesus can take our broken pasts and build something beautiful from it.

Outside of the church world I love computers, technology, entrepreneurship and music. You can find me on Instagram goofing off with my family or on Twitter sharing my heart for God. God bless you and thanks for coming along for the ride!